b'E N L I G H T E N E D P R OG R A M M I N G .Moving to ACOYA can open up a new world of experience and enjoyment. Whileparticipationisalwaysvoluntary,webelievethatsteppingintoa community like ACOYA creates fresh opportunities for growth that simply arent available living alone at home.ACOYA Music: From soft ambient tunes that set the mood in our common areas to musical classes that promote brain wellness to lively karaoke nights, youllfindACOYAsteepedinmusic.Besidesbringinglivemusicalactsto ACOYA, we schedule outings to the opera, symphony and theatre.Artistic Pursuits: The Talent Room is your space to pursue your creative side with weekly arts classes. Learn watercolors, oils, origami, collage and crafting of all kinds.Movie Theatre: Our comfortable chairs and popcorn machine sets the scene for movie nights with friends and family. Book Club: ACOYA sponsors a book group discussion that is open to residents and anyone in the nearby community who loves to read. ACOYA Intellectual: Lectures cover a wide variety of subjects, including leading-edge medical topics, technology, travel and brain fitness.Your Passion: We encourage people to pursue their passions and breathe life Where so many great things into the community with their own special gifts and interests. Want to dive into genealogy, write a memoir or teach an art class to friends? Please do!take root.'