b'W I T H W E L L N E S S AT T H E C E N T E R O F Y O U R L I F E , C A R P E D I E M B E CO M E S Y O U R M OT TO.At ACOYA, we believe that staying true to wellness goals is easier when youre partofanencouragingcommunitythatalsoembraceshealthylivingand feeling good. Youll find that encouragement extends to our culinary team, fitness center and every staff member. Fitness Center:ACOYAs state-of-the-art fitness center features equipment expertlydesignedformorematurebodies.Alongwithstudioclasses offeringvarioustypesofexercise,youlloptimizeyourphysicalcondition and capabilities. Yoga Chair Yoga DanceBalance Cardio Fit1 Y E A R = 3 6 5 O P P O R T U N I T I E S .Elevated Garden Plots: Raised garden beds make it easy to plant and tend herbs, flowers and vegetables.Doggy Stations:At ACOYA, were pet-friendly in more ways than one. Our DAILY GOAL: amenities make it easy to take your best friend for a walk.Your Care is Important: Need to see your doctor? ACOYA caters to concierge medicine with a private exam room. ACOYA has a nurse on duty and available To be the best that I can be. 24/7 for our assisted living residents.'